A Helpful Guide to Class Fundraisingā„¢

We are here for you, that's right we want you to have the best experience possible. So that's why we have made it easier than ever to find the answers you are looking for.

Parent FAQ

Can I place an order for multiple children?

If your child has the same Org Code, then yes you can!

If your child attends a different School, Organisation or Nursery then no, you must place separate orders per org code.

Can I have my order shipped to my house?

Unfortunately, no.

All orders are managed by your organisation and fundraiser. Please speak to them to discuss other options.

Where is the rest of my order?

We ship all our products in separate batches to ensure they reach your organisation safely and securely. This may mean that your mugs arrive in a different delivery to your Christmas cards and wrapping paper. If you think something is still missing from your delivery, then speak to your fundraiser or contact us here

Exchanges & Refunds

Need to exchange one of your products or request a refund? No problem, simply complete this form

How To Guides

We've created some how-to guides that will help you complete your order.