School Christmas Cards


Every Child receives a Card

Every child is given a template to create their own unique Christmas card designs. Once your designs are complete you send them all back to Class Fundraising so that we can create one FREE sample Christmas card for each design we receive.  Children then take the cards home so their parents can decide if they want to order the design. From one piece of artwork parents can order:

  • Christmas cards
  • Gift Tags
  • Christmas Mugs
  • Tea Towels
  • Bags for Life
  • Wrapping Paper

What makes us different? Everyone is included.

Class Fundraising believes that every child taking part should get FREE school Christmas cards, that is why we produce 1 sample card for each child to take home, regardless if the parent places an order or not.

School Christmas Cards – Get Creative and Raise Funds!

Historically we have found that using our method can raise in excess of £750 (based on schools with 200 pupils).

Our top earner in 2021 managed to raise over £2700! Just think what that could do for your school!

Get Creative!

The Children can use felt tip pens, coloured pencils, crayons, paints or even collages.

Included in the organiser pack is a FREE return address label so there is nothing to pay when sending your designs to us and we will deliver your order back to you FREE of charge with everything clearly labelled for easy distribution!

Christmas cards and gift tags are printed on FSC and World Land Trust accredited paper. The materials we use come from sustainable sources ensuring that we are doing our bit for the environment; making your cards ‘Super Green’. Make the right choice when it comes to fundraising!

Our School Christmas cards are printed on high quality 350 GSM card. The image is a full bleed on the front (printed right to the edge to give a better finish). On the back of the card you have the option to have your emblem/logo or badge printed, you can upload this in your admin section when you have registered. Cards come printed with the child’s name, class name and the name of your school on the back of the card. Our cards also carry the FSC and Carbon Neutral logos. The inside of the card has the message you have chosen; this can also be left blank. Gift tags are printed with the child’s name only as there is a limited amount of space.

No Hidden Costs

As with all our projects we offer:

  • and we have NO SET UP COSTS

Easy, Simple, Fun!

As with all of our projects we try and make them easy and simple to follow. We feel that our products can be easily fitted around lesson plans causing minimum disruption to the class. Ordering of the Christmas cards, gift tags and mugs all takes place via our easy-to-use online ordering system. Remember school Christmas cards are an easy fundraiser and we will help your school to maximise profits by offering a simple and efficient service.

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Designs are pretty much unlimited, for best results we recommend using bold coloured pencil crayons or felt tip pens, but you can also use paints or do flat collages, we don’t mind; our templates are easy and straightforward to understand.

Our Process

  1. Order your FREE Organiser Kit you should receive this within 24-48 hours.
  2. Follow our instructions in the pack, and get the children started on their designs.
  3. When finished, send them back to using the FREE Return Label.
  4. A FREE sample for each child, along with the parental order forms are provided.
  5. Use your log-in to access our website to place your Final Order online.
  6. We send you your final order separated into classes for easy distribution.

Highest earners in 2021 raised over £2,000. This is the key to their success.

1. Art Pack ordered early.
2. Worked together with the Head Teacher, Teachers and Assistants to put aside some time so the children could complete their designs.
3. Sent back their artwork for processing by the beginning of October, Class Fundraising got their cards back to them well within 7 days, along with the parental order forms.
4. After this a deadline for the orders to be in before October half term and placed the order via the online system.
5. Our research shows that schools that order before half term in October raise more money for the school. The key to successful school Christmas cards is to get in nice and early.

Environmental Impact

Our environmental policies are a high priority. Consequently after making enquiries with schools we know a fair majority require companies to have an  when it comes to ordering paper products. As a result of this we make sure all of our school Christmas cards are printed on FSC & Carbon Neutral accredited paper.

Committed to a Greener Earth…All of our Cards and Tags in certified by…